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Our factory has a daily capacity of 40K to 50K for non sterile gowns and 25K to 30K for sterile gowns. If there is a need for grater orders we will be able to increase the capacities. The factory was established in 2019, additionally the ground covers 3500m2, out of which 1000m2 are designated outdoor areas.

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We employ 120 people who work daily to fulfil and complete the needs of the company. All workers are expected to work to their best capacity following health safety rules and all other aspects of the production.

We pay great attention to cleanliness and hygiene. All of the workers who put together our sterile gowns are expected to wear protective equipment in order to not contaminate the gowns, this executed and checked on a daily basis by our supervisors



To rank foremost among its competitors by ensuring full compliance with ISO Quality Management System as well as the laws, regulations and legal requirements applicable in the sector and by increasing the sense of quality and trust every turn.

To serve on the international platform with its knowledge, competence and continuously developing human resources, by striving to work in line with the principles of continuous development and improvement.

To continuously improve the quality management system by providing continuous customer service and using the resources efficiently with its solution-oriented customer satisfaction concept.

Our Striking Features

High Technology

All our surgical gowns can be manufactured with machines that provide higher safety than sewing if required.


Its years of experience make Medkey a reliable partner in long-term business opportunities.


Our products are checked with 2-stage quality control system before packing department.

Customizable Products

If you are looking for a product special for you, Medkey’s experienced team will, with the most fitting solution, assist you to provide the best quality service.

High Production Capacity

Medkey’s expert production team delivers high amounts of orders on time, does not let down the companies it does business with.


Medkey provides a high amount of sterilized products. Its in-house sterilization unit having a cleanroom facility ensures safe and stabilized production.

It aims to meet the needs of the medical sector, to make a production of universal quality and standards with innovative approaches and to contribute to customer satisfaction, safety and protection of human health.

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